Origin of Qi Men Dun Jia


Origin of Qi Men Dun Jia


QiMenDunJia (奇门遁甲) is one of the three Superior Art of divination from Ancient China, it is the highest form of divination methodology you can find in IChing. Many people regard QiMenDunJia as a gift from heaven and it involve the relationship between the heaven, human and Earth. A QiMenDunJia chart uses advance and complex computational science for space and dimension.

Battle of HuangDi and ChiYou (黄帝大战蚩尤)

According to ancient text, around 4600 years ago, there is a battle fought between HuangDI (黄帝) and ChiYou (蚩尤). ChiYou, a tribal leader, is about 7 feet tall and supposingly invincible. During the battle against HuangDi, he summon wind and rain, as well as create mist or fog in battle field. This create confusion among HuangDi troops resulting in losing the battle.

Then one night, while everyone is sound asleep. Suddenly there is a loud thunder coming from the sky and this woke up everyone. HuangDi quickly run out and when he look at the sky, there is a rainbow coming down from the heaven. Along with it, there is a beautiful Fairy slowly descend from the sky. The fairy passed a box, 9 inch long and 8 inch wide, to HuangDi.

HuangDi quickly open up the box and he found a heavenly scroll. The scroll contain instructions on how to manufacture advance weaponary as well as military tactics and strategies. HuangDi pass the heavenly scroll to this prime minister FengHou (风后) a great military strategist at that time. Base on the information from the heavenly scroll, HuangDi develop the compass carriage. Using the compass carriage, HuangDI managed to defeat and kill ChiYou.

Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲)

After winning the battle, FengHou spend 3 years to decode the information from the heavenly scroll and created 13 scrolls of military tactics, systems for time tracking using heavenly stems and earthly branches as well as QiMenDunJia.

QiMenDunJia, is used successfully by many famous people to ascend or helping the emperor to ascend to throne.

  1. JiangTaiGong (薑太公) uses QimenDunJia to help the establishment of Zhou Dynasty.
  2. ZhangLiang (張良) uses QiMenDunJia to help the first Han Emperor to ascend to throne.
  3. ZhuGeLiang (诸葛亮) uses QiMenDunJia during the 3 kingdom period helping LiuBei to establish the Shu Dynasty and the most famous battle being the Battle of Red Cliff (赤壁之戰).
  4. LiuBoWen (劉伯溫) uses QiMenDunJia to help the Ming first Emperor, ZhuYuanZhang (朱元璋) to seize the power from the Mongol.

In modern society, QiMenDunJia is not actively use for military purpose anymore. With modern technology, there isn’t a need to rely on QiMenDunJia for intelligence about battle field. In the past, QiMenDunJia is a heavily guarded secret due to the advantage one will have in any battle situation. Nowadays, QiMenDunJia is use for many other situation other than military.